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For the past several years, the Markout Board of Directors has been seeking ways to reduce water costs, staffing, and operational costs. We are excited to tell you that the City of Mesquite (Mesquite), working with the City of Forney (Forney), has agreed to acquire Markout Water Supply’s (Markout) service area. With the approval of Markout’s members, the transition will happen as follows: First, Mesquite will obtain approval for the merger from the Public Utility Commission (PUC). Upon the PUC’s final approval, Markout will be dissolved and all members will become Mesquite’s customers. Then, according to an agreement already in place between Mesquite and Forney, the cities will work together to physically separate the Grayhawk Subdivision from the distribution system. This will allow those who live within the Grayhawk Subdivision to receive water, sewer, and sanitation services directly from Forney. Most of Markout’s geographic area is within Mesquite’s city limits and extraterritorial jurisdiction, so it makes sense for Mesquite to acquire the entire area and then split off what lies in Forney’s city limits and for Forney to serve its own citizens. By removing Markout’s costs from the delivery of water, the costs will be more manageable for all customers. Markout Water was needed and filled a great purpose when it was established in 1965 because there were no cities nearby to provide water to those living in the rural area. Today, the cities are literally within our service area and it no longer makes sense for Markout to exist. We are holding three public information meetings at our office at 10371 Walnut Lane, Forney, Texas. The first will be our Annual Membership Meeting which is this Thursday, September 17th at 6:00pm, the second will be Monday, September 28th at 6:00pm, the third will be Monday, October 12th at 6:00pm. Representatives from the Markout Board of Directors as well as the City of Mesquite will be present to answer your questions about this proposed merger. Because we are a member-owned water supply corporation, completion of this acquisition requires the vote of Markout’s members. Your ballot for the vote on the merger will be mailed to you and is due in our office no later than end-of-day on Sunday, October 18, 2020 (see ballot for voting instructions). The Board and Staff of Markout strongly believe this is the best future for Markout’s members.

We all have many worries today, but one thing you don’t need to worry about is your tap water. Your water is disinfected daily as a regular practice and this practice has been shown to be effective against viruses and bacteria. Tap water is delivered directly to your home so you don’t have to go to the store to buy it and the cost is very inexpensive per 1,000 gallons as compared to bottled water. Markout Water Supply is working hard to make sure you have the best drinking water possible and we remain a Superior Water Supply according to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Sprinkler System Backflow Testing
All new sprinkler systems must be installed with an RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone) device, tested for backflow and the report must be filed in our office. Please click on the links to the left for "Backflow" or contact us if you have any questions.
Any service calls made under false pretenses will incur a trip fee.
 This website provides general information. If you wish to speak to someone directly, please contact the business office at (972)564-1250. The office is open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 A.M. until 5:30 P.M.