Backflow Testing


 The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), which is one of the regulatory agencies governing Markout WSC, requires that the public water supply be protected from outside contamination. To ensure this protection, Markout WSC requires a testable dual check valve assembly or a reduced pressure zone assembly on all landscape irrigation systems. Any new sprinkler system that is installed on a property where there is also a sewer system onsite (i.e.: aerobic or septic system) must be installed with a reduced pressure zone device. These devices are to be tested upon installation by a TCEQ Licensed Backflow Inspector and a copy of the test provided to the Markout WSC office. It is a TCEQ rule and the policy of Markout WSC to require annual testing of these devices to help prevent contamination of the water supply. THESE TESTS ARE NOT REQUIRED ON SEPTIC SPRINKLERS.

A list of certified backflow testers that have registered with Markout WSC is available under the "Documents" section of this website and at the Markout Water Supply office. If you decide to use a tester other than those listed, your test will not be accepted until that tester registers with our office.
 REMINDER: 2020 backflow tests must be received in our office no later than Monday, June 15th. Failure to have the test done and results sent to our office will result in disconnection of service. All applicable disconnect and reconnect fees will apply.
 Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at (972) 564-1250.