We want to keep our members informed with the happenings at our water supply. At the beginning of 2017, we were under contract with Talty SUD to service our distribution system. After continuing to weigh our options and what is best for all members, we approached the City of Forney about their desire to take over a portion of the Markout system. As our system is designed to function as a whole, we expressed our preference that if there were an interest in a portion of the system, that they consider taking over the entire system. In efforts to encourage a smooth transition we entered into an agreement with the City of Forney to perform the maintenance and operations of our system effective April 1, 2017.
 Later that year, the Forney City Council changed their position and cancelled the service contract to take care of Markout’s system. Following the notice of cancellation, Markout interviewed with several local maintenance service providers and chose what we believed to be a company that best aligned with our values. Subsequently, we contracted with TRV Services, LLC. however, it was quickly realized that they were unable to comply with our system’s requirements. Thus, we cancelled our contract with TRV Services and are now working with Inframark LLC. Inframark is a professional services company that is located in the Forney area and has several licensed operators to maintain our system properly. When you see their trucks in our area, please be helpful as they are learning our system. Our answering machine, website, and signage have all been updated with their emergency number. All billing questions will continue to be handled by our office staff.